Media Mentor & Consultant - Award-Winning Journalist

As a full-time independent print journalist and reporter of 25 years I've come to know [and love] much about the media. JMK & Co. is my expansion into media mentoring and consulting -- a natural outgrowth of a successful career that has taken me around the globe and filled nearly four Rolodexes.

As a Media Mentor and Consultant, I work with writers, authors, public relations executives, nonprofits, business owners and creative professionals who want to improve, fine-tune and learn how best to sell their work and themselves to the media.

How can I make the media work for you? I give you – the client – my veteran, proven insight in how to appeal to and navigate the media and its inner workings. My expertise and broad contacts help you learn the skills Iíve developed over decades.

I'll teach you how to create the pitches and ideas editors, producers, agents actually need and also who these nice people might be. I advise on, create and/or re-write company or solo projects, stories, biographies, books, synopses, case studies, websites, grants, annual reports and public relations materials to perfect pitch and workability. I'll help you target audiences and client bases and teach you how to get your message its widest possible distribution.

If you're a large, medium or small company; a start-up business or seasoned entrepreneur; a new or weathered nonprofit organization; a screenwriter or author; public relations or communications manager; or simply someone who needs to understand and utilize the media better, I look forward to helping you improve, empower, and broaden your work.

My work as a journalist is my privilege and joy. I love the investigative search, reporting stories that change people's lives, and the ability to earn my living using words. It's also given me a wide-angle view of multiple media formats and platforms. My hope is to pass on some of this well-earned knowledge and help you learn how best to use this powerful tool, the media.